The LAVI & KOL TAP DANCE SYLLABUS (LKTDS) is a teaching method conceived and created by Sharon Lavi and Mandy Kol. Devoted to this dance expression since their early youth, they’ve dedicated their careers to the creation, execution and instruction of a Tap Dance style that seeks to link between its rooted origins and a wide vision in creativity and education. As of their first encounter during their upbringing, they both developed in different parts of the world and at the same time carried-on with their collaboration, thus contributing a continuous fresh perspective to their partnership.

Having worked with students in a large variety of educational circumstances over more than 25 years, they have touched outreach programs from non-formal education to professional formations and have had the opportunity to train numerous generations of Tap dancers and teachers. Their present calling is that of continuing the chain of this art form through the formalizing of a comprehensive and detailed study program